/TV Mounting
  • Service includes:

    • Assess installation area
    • Connect audio and video equipment in one room
    • Connect any capable devices to an existing wireless network
    • Give a walk-through of the new system
    • Setup and configure all necessary peripherals
  • Sale!
    • Connect all necessary video components and cables
    • Configure a supplied sound bar
    • Assure the proper set up of necessary peripherals (Remote Control, 3D glasses, etc.)
    • Configure with an existing wireless network
    • Explain capabilities and limitations
  • Sale!

    Service includes:

    • This service does not include the repair of physically damaged equipment. Additional costs can vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, brand, degree of damage, extent of wiring and cost of additional parts required.
  • Sale!
    • Assess the installation area
    • Connect the device(s) to the TV
    • Connect any capable devices to an existing WiFi network
    • Demonstrate device functionality